Incl. remixes by Baroque, The Hacker, Beaumanoir., 99LETTERS, Cosmo Vitelli, Borussia, Automat, Mike Theis, Molecule, David Carretta, Leonard De Leonard, The Third Half Time!

label: Mille Feuilles
genre: Electronic / Techno / Indie Dance / Synth
year: December 09/16
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 153mb
type: 12 tracks
uploaded: Our FTP

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01. Automated Motion (Relecture By Baroque)
02. Dolorean’s Dream (Relecture By The Hacker)
03. Reglement De Compte A La Cigale (Relecture By Beaumanoir)
04. Discovering The Source (Relecture By 99LETTERS)
05. And Now You Dance (Relecture By Cosmo Vitelli)
06. Modulated Choirs (Relecture By Borussia)
07. Silver Horse Part 1 (Relecture By Automat)
08. Mechanical Love (Relecture By Mike Theis)
09. Synth Pornography (Relecture By Molecule)
10. Dancing Plague (Relecture By David Carretta)
11. Good Morning Detroit (Relecture By Leonard De Leonard)
12. The Coasts Of French Cornwall (Relecture By The Third Half Time)